Quinn and I over the next few weeks leading up to the NFL Draft will do a mock draft. I will cover the NFC and AFC- East and North and Quinn will cover the NFC and AFC South and West.

The Cleveland Browns were 1-15 last season. They may not have even been as good as that pathetic record. They were bad. The last game of the year my Pittsburgh Steelers who were already assured of the playoffs- rested their Big Three- Big Ben, Bell and Brown. They fell behind by a couple scores early. They didn’t seem all that interest in winning this season finale which was meaningless to them. They couldn’t give the game away though- they ended up coming back late in the game and beating the hapless Browns.

Quinn and I over the years have spent a lot of time discussing the Browns situation. Since coming back into the league nearly 20 years ago it has been a franchise that has been the butt of jokes. They can’t do anything right- they blow high draft choices, the ownership has no patience, firing coaches after giving them only a year or two at most. They change general managers at an alarming rate. Quinn once asked me- “If you gave the Browns an entire first round 32 picks- could they get it right and have a winning team down the road? I seriously wonder. Quinn and I also believe that if the Browns had let us draft for them we could have only done better than they have done. I don’t see how we could have done worse. Usually the day after the draft we laugh discuss the draft and laugh of course about the picks the Browns make. They have no clue.

The Browns in the next two drafts are loaded with draft choices. This draft they have the 1st and 12th overall pick. If the Browns can’t get these next two drafts right- there is no hope. I am a Steeler fan and the Browns were a rival. {How can you call it a rivalry now when one team just dominates the other?} I feel sorry for Brown fan. Brown fan has been very loyal over the years. They deserve much much better.

What are the Browns needs going into the draft? I don’t think they have any position that couldn’t be upgraded. They need everything. They need to go in and with the first pick take the best player available. They have two first round picks and two second picks. Picks #1, #12, #33 and #52. They need to hit home runs on at least three of these picks. They need a QB in the worst way but is there a QB worth taking #1 overall? I don’t think so. When you take a QB in round 1 there is your next 5 years and you’d better be certain he’s your guy. Otto Graham isn’t going to walk through that door, neither is Brian Sipe or Bernie Kosar. Take the best player Cleveland.

With the First Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft- I have the Browns drafting DE Myles Garrett 6-5 262  4.67 40 time Texas A@M.  He’s the prototypical professional defensive end prospect. Everyone has him as the best prospect in the draft. With the way the Browns have drafted over the years- if they reach for someone else and it fails-and Garrett becomes an All-Pro it will be another boner from the Dawgpound. If they pick Garrett and he flops how can anyone criticize the pick? There are no sure things in the draft. Many top picks have failed.  It’s not an exact science. I think the Browns need to take the best player with this pick and if there is a QB at #12 or #33 maybe you go with that there. If not- sure up your team.



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