Around the start of the year  I ran across a music blog where the blogger set a goal to listen to 1500 different albums during a period of a year. I have had that in the back of my mind since then. I have a lot of albums. Many of them I haven’t listened to in a long time. Starting today- April 1 my goal is 1500 different albums in the next year ending March 31st, 2018. Seems like an attainable goal. Would eventually like to re-listen to every album/cd/download that I own. Not going to give a full album review of each one I listen to but will give it a grade using the star system 1 to 5 and a sentence sum up of the album.

Saturday April 1st, 2017  LISTENED TODAY 11    TOTAL 11

  • WARREN ZEVON- THE ENVOY 1982  4 1/2 stars out of 5. Not Warren’s best album but may be my favorite of his. “Charlie’s Medicine” my favorite Warren song ever.
  • VAN MORRISON-BLOWIN’ YOUR MIND  1967  3 stars out of 5. One of my least favorite Van albums-his debut solo album. Contains his most famous song “Brown Eyed Girl.”
  • KAYNE WEST- 800s AND HEARTBREAK  2008  5 stars out of 5. Kayne is a knucklehead but this is one of the best albums of the 2000’s.
  • ARLO GUTHRIE- AMIGO 1976. 4 stars out of 5. I bought this album in the early 1980’s after reading a very positive review of it in The Rolling Stone Record Guide. Favorite song this very solid album- “Massachusetts” which is the official folk song of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Underappreciated album.
  • GEORGE HARRISON: EARLY TAKES, VOL 1. 2012. 4 stars out of 5. Demos and early takes from early in Beatle George’s solo career. Very good stuff but come on only 30:29 in length.
  • DON HENLEY: I CAN”T STAND STILL: 1981 4 stars out of 5. Henley’s first solo album. He was so much better without the other Eagles. Addition by subtraction. Never a big Eagles fan but liked Henley’s three 1980’s albums. Too bad he’s only released two solo albums since 1988. Highlights on this one- “Dirty Laundry”, “Johnny Can’t Read”, “I Can’t Stand Still.”
  • BIG STAR: NUMBER #1 RECORD: 1972.  5 stars out of 5. The American Beatles. Why Big Star wasn’t huge is one of the great mysteries in rock history. As the Billboard review said at the time about this album- “every song could be a single.” This album sold 10,000 copies back in 1972. Unreal. “I never travel far, without a little Big Star.”- The Replacements.
  • PETE TOWNSHEND- EMPTY GLASS- 1980. 4 stars out of 5. Better than The Who’s final couple albums. The first side is really strong, side two has a couple weak songs. Highlights: Rough Boys, I Am An Animal, Let My Love Open The Door, Jools and Jim, And I Moved, and Empty Glass. I played this album a lot back in the summer and fall of 1980. Roger Daltrey was pissed that Pete kept his best stuff of the time for a solo album instead of a Who album. The great Who album that never was.
  • PETER GABRIEL: PETER GABRIEL [CAR]  1977. 4 stars out of 5 stars.The first four Peter Gabriel albums are self-titled but known by their covers- Car/ Scratch/ Melt/ Security. This is the debut solo album with a song that I’d put in my Top 100 of all-time, “Solsbury Hill”
  • IAN HUNTER: YOU’RE NEVER ALONE WITH A SCHIZOPHRENIC. 1979. 5 stars out of 5 stars. I have always loved this album and it seems to get better with age. Hunter was turning 40 when this album came out and it deals with those issues, experience and growing older. Hunter is now approaching 80 and still going strong. When it came out I was just graduating high school. I had no clue but still there was something about this album that I really liked. The two most well known songs are “Ships” which made Ian a mint when Barry Manilow had a hit with it a couple years later, and “Cleveland Rocks” which The Presidents of the United States remade and was used as the intro in the mid-90’s to “The Drew Carey Show.” My initial reading of this album all those years ago was that the first side was perfect but the second side was a little weak. I was wrong everything on this album is outstanding. For me it’s Hunter’s greatest recording.
  • GERRY RAFFERTY: CITY TO CITY: 1978. 4 stars out of 5 stars. An out of left field hit in 1978. The album reached #1 on the US album chart and spawned three hits including “Baker Street” which went to #2.  “Right Down The Line” #12 and “Home and Dry” #28. I probably hadn’t listened to this album from start to finish in 25 years.

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