On July 29th, 2004 Chelsea F.C. from the Premier League in England played a friendly against A.C. Roma of Serie A in Italy at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. I had never been to a football match [or soccer as its called in the USA} and before the previous fall. I had watched a couple World Cup games out of curiosity but never as a fan. I would have thought my chances of becoming a soccer fan was as likely as my going to Mars.

In the fall of 2003 I was channel surfing one Monday evening and I stopped on a soccer match. I can’t remember who was playing that night but I started watching. I watched the rest of the match. I liked it. I looked to see when the next match would be on television. I found that the following weekend there were a number of games on. I wrote that info down and that next weekend I was sitting in front of the television watching and learning. I didn’t know the rules, I couldn’t name one player but I was interested. I had to pick a team to root for of course and I chose Liverpool F.C for one reason- The Beatles were from Liverpool.

I continued to watch matches and learn the players, coaches. I ordered a couple books. I was at that age of 42 a fan and have remained one since.

I didn’t care at all for Chelsea F.C but when I heard they were coming to Pittsburgh the next summer there was no question I had to go. Of course outside the stadium before the game I had to get a Chelsea t-shirt. {The previous fall I had ordered several Liverpool ones.} I know the atmosphere at Heinz Field that night was nothing like that of a game in Europe but It was still an enjoyable experience. 13 years later I am still a fan and one of my goals is to go to England and see a couple games someday.


    • My wife has had the same idea about using some of my t-shirts.. I haven’t let her yet! I bet that is a great looking quilt!

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