World cup – tony gwynn and other musings

Hans and I usually write about a lot of things – we were thinking about a world cup preview thing – but left that to the professionals. have to say that watching the Ghana-USA game yesterday was quite entertaining. I like to see all of the different styles of the game played. Germany’s demolition of Portugal was typical of the game played by Jogi Low’s men. Ghana took plenty of shots – just not enough on target. I am pleased with the US win. Will need a result against Portugal this weekend, because I just do not think that the Americans are ready for Germany.

Was greatly saddened to see that Tony Gwynn passed away – i assume that it will be attributed to cancer. Gwynn was one of the good guys to me. I am sure that there were times that he had his moments, but for the most part I think he was well liked. 54 is way too young to lose someone. I loved his talent and his love for the game. It was nice to go to the yard and know that when the Padres came to town you could pencil in Gwynn in the 3 slot playing Right. As a baseball fan – no better feeling than watching his sweet swing and his dedication to his craft. As an Astros fan no worse nightmare than him coming up with runners on and the game on the line.

everyone likes the home runs and the gorilla baseball played today at the cost of guys striking out 200 times per season. Gwynn struck out 40 times in 1988. that was his highest ever single season strikeout total. He struckout 434 times in his entire career – thats 2 seasons for guys now. i am a bit old school, but i want to see the ball in play.

Rest in Peace Tony. Thank you for lifetime of memories. You were what baseball should be all about.


edit – ted williams and tony gwynn were good friends and discussed hitting often. i hope that somewhere a scene like the end of the shawshank redemption plays out. i hope that a couple of san diego guys can reunite; i hope that ted williams playing the part of andy dufresne was working on that boat, when tony gwynn playing the part of morgan freeman comes walking down the beach. i hope that they are fixing up that boat and going fishing and talking hitting. i hope those friends see one another again.