slice’s nfl mock draft

Last year Hans and I completed our mock draft, and we did just about as well as the ‘professional’ prognosticators. we had 21 of the 32 picks correct in the first round and had one exact pick – meaning the team took the player we thought when we thought. Once our picks are in we do not go back and revise the pick.

This time I will be doing the odd numbered picks and Hans will have the even numbered picks. Our ground rules are that the team with the pick will make that pick, in the narrative we will discuss what we think will happen to that pick – for instance i see the Rams trading out of the number 2 slot, but Hans will ‘pick’ who the Rams will be taking there, not worrying that Atlanta wants that draft slot.

We had a lot of fun with this last time, and I hope that you enjoy reading and commenting. For those that are not NFL centric, we apologize in advance for the next couple of days.

and off we go.