getting quite a few laughs from this

i do not deal well with hypocrisy. honestly i dont think anyone does. so i find it rather humorous that some of the largest companies and people that spy on us every single day are the loudest at protesting the very thing that allows them to make money.

do not come to me with do as i say and not as i do. sorry dianne – you have the power to change this. you are one of 100 senators.

oh i am sorry google – wait isnt one of your corporate rules ‘dont be evil’?

and this one may take the cake – zukerberg whining to obama about spying

so its ok for each of you to do it when it suits your needs, but as long as you are in control of the spying all is good, but when the tables are turned its time to cry foul?

my dad always told me that he did not care what the rules were, just as long as everyone had to play by the same set of rules.