Actor Ken Osmond- AKA “Eddie Haskell” 70 Today

Actor Ken Osmond who played the greatest character, Eddie Haskell on the late 1950’s-early 1960’s television show “Leave It To Beaver” turns 70 today. Eddie Haskell was Wally Cleaver’s best friend. Eddie Haskell was known as an insincere flatterer and suck-up. I had a student this year who I nicknamed “Eddie Haskell” because he was the closest person I’ve ever seen to matching the real Eddie Haskell. Every teacher was his favourite teacher, even teachers who he didn’t have for example. He was always telling teachers how nice they looked today etc. The boy even resembled Eddie Haskell. He had never seen the show and was always a little clueless concerning the nickname.

Two great Urban Legends surrounded Ken Osmond. One was that he grew up to be rock star Alice Cooper. The other was he grew up to be porn star John Holmes.

Osmond was pretty much typecast after “Leave It To Beaver’s” six season run ended. He got into law enforcement in Los Angeles.