The Rolling Stones Release Their “Signature Song” -“Satisfaction”-This Day 1965


On this day in 1965 The Rolling Stones released “Satisfaction.” The Rolling Stones had as many hits as Pete Rose but “Satisfaction” has to rank as their “signature song” the most famous song in their long and storied career. In 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine in their Top 500 Songs of All Time-listed “Satisfaction” at #2 on their list. It is hard to argue with that. “Satisfaction” also one of the many reasons I consider 1965 to be the greatest year in the history of rock and roll music.


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    • I know I sound like some old guy when I say this but I don’t think the music of say the last ten years is going to age well.. at least not what is the popular music of today.. agree with you on the 60’s music!

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