Tennessee Admitted As 16th State- This Day 1796

Happy Birthday to the state of Tennessee- admitted to the United States as the 16th state on this day in 1796-217 years ago.

A couple days one of my students asked me what was my favourite state that I’ve been to. I have been to forty-eight, just lacking the last two- Alaska and Hawaii. I answered that my three favourite states were West Virginia, Montana and Tennessee. I have visited Tennessee numerous times and I would sum the state up in one word-diverse. I think a great two week vacation would just be Tennessee. Some of my favourite places that I’ve been to in the great state of Tennessee- my favourite city in America-and I’ve been to most of the big cities in America- is Memphis. Something about that place I just love, it’s a gritty place but a lot to do and see. My favourite place in Memphis is Sun Studios where Rock and Roll was born. I have been to Shiloh National Battlefield five times. The great thing about Shiloh is it is off the beaten path. Everyone goes to Gettysburg, only the die-hards go to Shiloh. I have never been there when its been crowded. It’s not commercialized. Chattanooga is a great little city-Lookout Mountain has a lot to do. Chickamauga Battlefield is near Chattanooga. The Smokey Mountains, Nashville, The Hermitage and Andy Jackson… the list goes on and on. Love Tennessee. Writing about it now makes me want to scrap the vacation plans I have this summer and head down to Tennessee.


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  1. Sun Studio is on my quickly forming music bucket list. And this State is one I have yet to visit and can’t spell correctly without electronic assistance. A large list that I want to make smaller. 🙂

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