Future President Andrew Jackson Kills A Man In A Duel-This Day 1806

On this day in 1806 future President of the United States Andrew Jackson killed a lawyer named Charles Dickinson who was regarded as one of the best pistol shots in the area in a duel in Logan County, Kentucky. Jackson challenged Dickinson to a duel because Dickinson allegedly slandered Jackson’s wife Rachel. Andrew Jackson was pretty sensitive about Rachel. When Jackson and Rachel were married, Rachel was still legally married to another man. Killing a man in a duel back then didn’t hurt you politically. Jackson would be elected POTUS in 1828, serve two-terms and would go down as one of the significant men to hold the office. Today we see him on the $20. If they could bring back all the Presidents to life and have them fight it out my money would be on Andy Jackson to win. Jackson was a bad ass.