Singer-Songwriter Tom T. Hall AKA “The Storyteller”- 77 Today

Country music singer-songwriter Tom T. Hall turns 77 today. Tom T. Hall is known for his storytelling songs. He has written 11 songs that went to #1 and had 26 more which reached the top 10. The biggest crossover hit he had was “Harper Valley PTA” which hit #1 for Jeannie C. Riley in 1968. The most famous Tom T. Hall song I reckon is “The Year That Clayton Delaney Died.”  Tom T. Hall’s best days were in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He must be in retirement now-his last album “Home Grown” was released in 1997. “Home Grown” was a great way to exit. Wonderful album. I think my  favourite Tom T. Hall song is one called “Don’t Forget The Coffee Billy Joe”

When I was younger when I thought of Tom T. Hall I thought of Roger Miller also. T. is great but I’d take Roger Miller over him.