Celtic Crush– On “The Spectrum” SiriusXM with Larry Kirwan

Just felt like putting in a plug for Celtic Crush which is heard every Saturday morning from 7am-10am EST and the show is repeated every Tuesday night 11pm-2am on The Spectrum on SiriusXM The host is Larry Kirwan who is the frontman for the Irish-American rock group Black 47. Larry is awesome.  During the show he will play on average maybe 33 songs or so and after every few songs he will tell personal stories, talk about the artists he’s playing. Larry is the key to the show. The music he plays is great but Larry makes the show special. I listen every Saturday morning. It’s like going to church. I have also in the past 6 months started collecting the songs that are played and have around 550 songs on my IPOD now from the show. I tend to listen to those songs a lot. I may miss Celtic Crush a few times during the year-and my week doesn’t seem the same without it.

Celtic Crush- highly recommended.