The Greatest Athlete To Wear #23 {Michael Jordan}

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #23 -is a no brainer– Michael Jordan.

Notable #23’s-in baseball Kirk Gibson was one of the great leaders in baseball’s recent past. Who will ever forget his pinch-hit home run in the 1988 World Series. I didn’t believe what I saw either. Now he’s doing a fine job managing in Arizona. Ted Simmons was a very underrated catcher. I do not agree with my great friend Quinn -I don’t think he could carry Johnny Bench’s jock but Simmons should be in the Hall of Fame. Luis Tiant -I loved to watch him pitch. Total entertainment. Ryne Sandberg a Hall of Fame second baseman with the Cubs wore #23 and so did Donnie Baseball-Don Mattingly for the Yanks.

In basketball Labron James is the greatest player in today’s game but please stop the Jordan comparisons until his career is over. Sweet Lou Hudson was a fine player for Atlanta in the 1970’s. The greatest scorer in college basketball history-The Pistol- Pete Maravich wore #23 in college. Calvin Murphy was a small but outstanding player for Houston in the 1970s. Frank Ramsey was the original ‘6th man’ for the Celtics back in the day.

In hockey Bob Gainey for Montreal was one of the greatest if not the greatest defensive forward ever.

Richard Nixon wore #23 at Whittier College. Nixon may not have been the greatest athletic president but he was the most knowledgeable sports fan who was ever POTUS without a doubt.

The Greatest Athlete To Wear #23 is Michael Jordan. What can I say about Michael Jordan that already hasn’t been said. I was never a big fan of the guy but I recognize his greatness and admired his competitiveness. This guy wanted to win everything. He would treat a team scrimmage like it was game 7 of the NBA Finals. {Jordan is the second greatest player ever in my opinion behind the immortal Bill Russell..just my opinion. I will talk about Mr. Russell when we get to #6.}


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