Black Monday In The National Football League

The NFL regular season ended Sunday evening and the teams that failed to make the playoffs wasted no time in firing head coaches/general managers/coordinators. Heads were rolling yesterday like jack-pot bowling. There is no patience anymore in the NFL [unless you are say the Pittsburgh Steelers or New England Patriots} The Cleveland Browns since they have been back in operation in 1999 are now working on head coach #7. The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t fired a head coach since 1968.

Since 2006 there are only four teams out of the 32 in the NFL that have failed to make the playoffs at least once- they are- St.Louis Rams last appearance 2004, Cleveland Browns 2002, Oakland Raiders 2002 and the Buffalo Bills who last went in 1999. I think the Rams with Jeff Fisher now have a clue and are heading in the right direction. The Raiders, Bills and Browns seem to me to be spinning in circles. I think the new owner of the Browns Jimmy Haslam III will throw around money and he will sign a high profile head coach but I also sense he has a little Jerry Jones in him.

The Chicago Bears went 10-6 but fell short of the playoffs so Lovey Smith is fired. Lovey Smith may not be Vince Lombardi but he has a 9 year record of 84-66 record. I don’t think the Patriots or the Steelers would have pulled the trigger and fired Smith. In 1998 the Steelers went 7-9, in 1999 the Steelers fell to 6-10. Did the Steelers fire Cowher? No they signed him to a new contract. It payed off the Steelers rebounded and Cowher would coach them to a Super Bowl Championship.