Singer-Songwriter Don “American Pie” McLean-67 Today

American singer-songwriter Don McLean who will always be remembered for his #1 hit “American Pie” turns 67 today. In 1971 “American Pie” was the number one song for four weeks and it seemed like all you had to do was turn on the radio that year and you’d hear it. Which was alright because it was a great song. “The day the music died” refers to the death of Buddy Holly. The song has been one of the most analyzed songs in the history of rock and roll. When asked what “American Pie” meant McLean has replied “It means I never have to work again”

Another song on the album “American Pie” is my favourite though, that is “Vincent” the song about the painter Vincent Van Gogh. It was also a hit, peaking at #12. Those would be McLean’s biggest hits. He released an album a few years ago that he said would be his ‘last album”

Rapper Tu Pac Shakur considered Don McLean one of his major influences. 2Pac saw “Vincent” as a particular inspiration. He felt that the feeling and emotion that McLean brought into his songs were something to aim for. When 2 Pac was shot and in a coma his friends would play “Vincent” over and over to him.