Actor Charlie Sheen- 47 Today. WINNING

Actor Charlie Sheen was born on this day in 1965. Born Carlos Estevez.

Ten Notes On Charlie Sheen.

1. His father is actor Martin Sheen. His older brother actor Emilio Estevez.

2. His breakout role was as  Chris Taylor in the 1986 movie “Platoon” Oliver Stone’s best film. Hard to believe that was 26 years ago. The movie I’ve seen the most time while in theater release. I went to see it 8 times.

3. In “Major League” he starred as hard throwing pitcher Ricky Vaughn. Charlie and Bob Uecker stole that film. Sheen was a star pitcher and shortstop on his high school team in Santa Monica, California. He went to the same school as Rob Lowe and Sean Penn.

4. Sheen’s personal problems/demons have been well documented. Drug and alcohol problems, his marital issues-he has been married and divorced three times.

5. He was the highest paid actor on television when he was on “Two and A Half Men” Not bad money for basically playing yourself!  The show was loosely based on his bad boy image. When they fired him they should have just cancelled the show.

6.During periods when he isn’t married Charlie Sheen has had a number of porn star girlfriends.

7. A lifelong Cincinnati Reds fan. Last month he donated 50K to the teams community fund. I was down in the ‘Natti for a weekend series when the Reds played my Pirates and saw Charlie. Supposedly Marty Sheen was in the house too but I didn’t see him.

8. Charlie Sheen set the record for fastest time to reach 1 million followers on Twitter.

9. Looking at the films he has been in over the years. He sure has played in a lot of awful movies.

10. The Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central is the highest rated roast in Comedy Central history to date.