NFL Hall Of Fame Running Back Eric Dickerson-52 Today

Eric Dickerson the NFL’s all time single season rushing leader turns 52 today. Eric Dickerson in 1984 rushed for 2105 yards as a member of the Los Angeles Rams. {16 game schedule, in all fairness I must point out that OJ Simpson ran for 2003 years in 1972 in a 14 game schedule}

Dickerson was a part of the amazing 1983 NFL draft. Seven first round picks have landed in the Hall of Fame. John Elway went #1 to Baltimore [then traded to Denver} Dickerson went #2 to the Rams. The others- Bruce Matthews-Oilers, Jim Kelly-Bills, Dan Marino-Dolphins and Darrell Green-Redskins. Also in the 8th round Richard Dent-Bears.

Dickerson played his college ball at SMU in the early 80’s when SMU had one of the best programs in college football, or should I say pro football? If you get the chance watch the ESPN 30 for 30 on what went on at SMU in the 1980’s. Almost to crazy to believe.

Dickerson played for 4 NFL teams- Rams, Colts, Raiders and Falcons. 6 time Pro-Bowler, 4 time rushing champ, 7th leading rusher of all times with 13, 259 career yards. A very unique runner. Dickerson is 6 foot 3, ran pretty much straight up, perfect posture {kind of like the Fred McGriff of pro football}  Eric Dickerson was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999. One of the greatest running backs of all times. I’ve always thought he was underrated. When they talk of great runners he often seems to be forgotten. Maybe because he never played on great teams. Maybe because he played with four different teams in his career.