SoreLoserman- Al Gore Calls For End To Electoral College

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I do not understand his reasoning. If he had won one of those smaller states in 2000- just one of them-he would have been POTUS. At the time West Virginia was pretty much a state that the democrat would win. Gore lost. Al Gore couldn’t win Bill Clinton’s state of Arkansas. A win there and Gore would have been POTUS. If Al Gore would have won his home state of Tennessee he would have won the election. Al Gore the inconvenient truth is your home state even rejected you.

He says that because of the electoral college that candidates just concentrate on the big states. If they get rid of the electoral college then they really would concentrate on the big states. If the presidential election were held where the popular vote gets the election there would be no incentive at all to go to South Dakota, Wyoming, West Virginia etc. Just go to the big cities where the people are.

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