Winston Churchill Forced To Resign As Great Britain’s Prime Minister- This Day In 1945



n one of the most stunning defeats in history Winston Churchill was forced to resign as Prime Minister of Great Britain on this day in 1945.  After leading Great Britain through World War II, Churchill’s party lost the election to the Labour Party. Clement Attlee would become the new Prime Minister. The war with Japan was nearing its end. Churchill was at the Potsdam Conference when he found out the news. The reason for the defeat-Churchill had been a great wartime leader but now that the war was over the feeling was someone else needed to take over and lead during peacetime.  I remember when I was younger and read that at the end of the war Winston Churchill was defeated, It was a WHAT moment. Anyway, Churchill may have been down but he would not be out. We would hear a lot more from him in his remaining years.


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  1. i’ve always been struck by the fact that Churchill, at times almost single-handedly, kept the British war effort afloat, and at the end of the conflict, was rewarded by being booted from office. Given how close the Nazis were to winning the war in 1941, it seems difficult to fathom.

    • exactly.. when i was a kid and got into history..and read that he was booted out after what he did in the war..i was i reading this wrong? a very ungrateful nation.

    • people do have short memories.. no way comparing these two but i remember after the gulf war President GHW Bush’s ratings were through the roof.. a year or so later he’s out of office… I remember where i was when I heard he was raising taxes.. i knew he was done then…. again Bush is no Churchill..

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