Newsweek Will Eventually Be Online Only

I haven’t read Newsweek in years but I hate seeing this trend toward online. Magazines and newspapers are having hard times. I think the death of the newspaper is near.  I love reading newspapers but I know their days are numbered. Maybe they will all go online. I do not like the trend of books going on these Kindle’s and Nooks. I like reading books- books in my hand. I love going to bookstore and just searching for books. I love how a book feels in your hand. I do not think it is the same reading off of a computer or some gadget. A lot of the things I love seem to be on the way out. The death of “Borders” last year to me was tragic. Sometimes things come along and they are progress but I don’t think reading a book off a Nook is progress. I guess I am just old school.

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