Henry Knox- First Secretary of War- Born On This Day 1750


Henry Knox who was the United States first Secretary of War was born on this day in 1750. Knox owned and operated a bookstore in Boston and had developed an interest in military history and joined a local artillery company. Along comes the American Revolutionary War in 1775. Henry Knox became friends with George Washington and would rise to become the chief artillery officer in the Continental Army.

In 1789 George Washington would select Knox to become the first Secretary of War. He served as Secretary of War from 1789 until 1794. George Washington’s first cabiinet had to have been the greatest cabinet in American history. Imagine you have Alexander Hamilton at the Treasury, Jefferson at State, Edmond Randolph as Attorney General and Knox at War. This makes the current cabinet look like a piss poor bowling team from Omaha.

Henry Knox life would end in a very odd way. He would be visiting a friend and was eating chicken. He swollowed a chicken bone which got caught in his throat and became infected. He would die 3 days later at the age of 56. Knox and his wife had 13 children but only one lived to adulthood.




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  1. wow why all the hate for omaha and bowling? but i would agree we seem to have a lot of people that are playing hard at amateur hour. if the cabinet were subject to the gong show rules, we would have rolled through quite a few at the treasury for one.

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