Great Western Vacation Day 8 June 18. Driving through Idaho and Utah

We began Day 8-Monday June 18th in Ashton, Idaho, which is about an hour north of Idaho Falls. We stayed at a place called the “Angler Inn” It was kind of cool looking out the window while we were having dinner and seeing a few guys out in the river fly fishing.  This would be one of the days on the trip where we drove all day and saw very little. Our objective was to be visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the next day-so we had a lot of miles to get there. Drove south through Idaho and into Utah.

It had been 20 years since I’d been through Salt Lake City. We hit there at a good time-around noon so while there were a lot of cars on the road we were moving at a good rate. I had forgotten how spread out the Salt Lake City metro area was. We were driving north to south on I-15 and it took well over an hour to get from the northern suburbs to the end of the metro area. Would like to have made a couple stops in Salt Lake City but we didn’t have the time to kill if we wanted to make our objective for the evening-St. George, Utah in the southern part of the state.

In between Salt Lake City and St. George we did hit the highest speed limits on our trip. 85MPH in several areas so we made good time. It would be difficult getting back home and getting used to 55-65 mph speed limits in the Buckeye State…after flying out west.

We made St.George by evening and after a few days where we felt like we were out of civilization-to be in a good sized town that had a lot of places to eat and a bookstore! It was 105 degrees in St. George but there was no humidity. It was just hot. I can handle that. I can’t handle humidity too well. We had a good evening-ate at The Outback, went to the Barnes and Noble [picked up two books one on baseball and one on WWII} and had frozen custard before calling it a day. I believe this was the only day on the trip that I didn’t take even one photograph. I would make up for this the next two days at the Grand Canyon.