Ten Things I will do when I am named “Czar of Baseball” Part I -The First 5ive Changes

Baseball needs some changes. For one thing the games drag on and on. Too much time spent with so little action. There are also a number of other things wrong with the game and as newly named “Czar of Baseball” here are the changes I will put into place.

  • Scheduled Doubleheaders. They haven’t scheduled doubleheaders in years. Growing up-going to a doubleheader was a great highlight of the season. Seeing 2 games for the price of 1. Under my leadership baseball teams will all play 6 doubleheaders a year. Each team will play 3 at home and 3 away. 3 of the doubleheaders will be on holidays. Every team will have doubleheaders scheduled on Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. And none of those day-night doubleheaders where they clear out the ballpark and make you pay for both games. The other 3 doubleheaders scheduled will be twi-light doubleheaders scheduled in late April, mid June and early August.
  • More day baseball. Every Saturday and Sunday game will be a day baseball game. And they haven’t played a World Series game in the daytime for decades. We will go back to that. The World Series will start on a Saturday. The weekend World Series games will be day games, the World Series weekday games will be night games. The nightgames -the first pitch will be thrown out at 730pm. Kids will be able to stay up and watch the entire game.  Working people won’t have to be up until 1am watching a ballgame drag on.
  • The Designated Hitter is abolished. Both the American and National League-the pitchers will bat.
  • The All-Star games will under go major changes. The rosters will be 25 on each. The rule that every team has to be represented will be thrown out. If the Milwaukee Brewers don’t have a player good enough to be an All-Star so be it. They need to get better players. The fans will no longer vote to select the players. The ballplayers will select who starts. A panel of experts will select the rest of the teams. Also the All-Star game will go back to being an Exhibition Game. None of this Bud Selig-the winning team gets home field advantage in the All-Star game jazz.
  • The baseball draft will 1-go back to how it was before this year as far as- no limits on how much money a team can spend. This penalizes the bad teams. Also the player pool will expand to the entire world. We need to get rid of the players from Japan or Central America being free agents to sign with anyone. These players will now be drafted just like American players.

Those are my first 5ive changes. I will post later on-on my second 5ive changes I will bring to baseball as its Czar. [These will include how to speed up the game of baseball and pitchers and managers are not going to like this.. or maybe some managers will I don’t know}