Great Western Vacation Day 7-June 17. Yellowstone National Park

We were up early on Sunday June 17th and headed for Yellowstone National Park. We had spent the night in Cody, Wyoming On the way out of town we stopped for breakfast at a restaurant in Cody called “Our Place” it would be the best breakfast we would have on the entire trip. The food was great and the coffee was only .25 and it seemed that every time you took a sip out of your cup they were right there filling it back up. Can’t beat that.

We had an hour drive to Yellowstone National Park, entering from the East entrance. {There are 5ive different entrances} 3.3 million people visited Yellowstone in 2011. On this day the crowds wouldn’t be too bad. It is a huge park 2,219,791 acres. It was a cold morning. To me if its 60 degrees its too hot. Not sure what it was that morning but I was forced to throw on a hoodie.

We would only have one full day to spend at Yellowstone- we decided to try and drive both loop roads and see what we could see. Our visit stop was at one of the 9 visitors centers at Yellowstone to get some information. We found out what time Old Faithful would erupt and headed in that direction. On the way we passed Yellowstone Lake which is the largest freshwater lake above 7000 feet in North America.