Mike Tyson -46 years old today

Michael Gerard Tyson-aka Milik Abdul Aziz- born on this date in 1966.

Ten Thoughts On Mike Tyson

1- I never thought I’d type the words-Mike Tyson 46 years old today. 20 years ago I would never have thought he would have made it this far.

2-When Cus D’Amato died that was the beginning of the end. That and marrying that crazy Robin Givens.

3-Ring Magazine listed Tyson as the 14th greatest heavyweight of all times. I think that is about right on target. He could have been greater than he was but he had no self-discipline. Things spiraled out of control and he never regained focus.

4 – I can’t think of any public figure in recent times who is as honest-brutally honest about himself as Tyson is.  People put a spin on everything- Tyson will come out and say these awful things about himself. I’ve always found him to be a fascinating figure.

5-I think- and Tyson admits to doing a lot of awful things in his life. One thing he says he didn’t do was rape Desiree Washington. I tend to think Tyson didn’t. I think he was innocent of that crime. Went to prison for other things he had done to women.

6-I never saw a fighter as scared as Mike Spinks when he went into the ring against Tyson. Just looking at him-he looked as if he was ready to go down even before the fight started. Shameful performance. That’s the first thing I think of when I think Mike Spinks.

7-James Buster Douglass. Upset of the Century. I remember watching that fight. It was like I had nothing else to do I will watch this. It won’t last long. I always thought the backdrop on all this was- Douglass had lost his mother right before the fight. He went into that fight like he had nothing to lose. All the other guys went into fighting Tyson- scared. Douglass wasn’t scared. He faced the big bad bully. What a fight. That was all Douglass had in him. His moment in the sun. Tyson was never the same again.

8-Tyson wouldn’t have lost to James Buster Douglass had he been in shape and taken the fight seriously. He was partying it up and thought he was taking on another empty beer can. For one night in his life- James Buster Douglass was a man possessed.

8-It was just the 15th anniversary of the Tyson biting the ear off Holyfield fight. Bizarre. After that I can’t recall many Tyson fights. I remember people paying good American money to watch him fight on pay per view at the end- after it was clear that Tyson was done. Couldn’t understand why anyone would pay anything to see him fight at that point.

9- He has a funny voice- sure doesn’t match his look.

10- I know Tyson isn’t a book smart person-but I recall seeing him a number of times analizing old boxing matches from way before his time. He could be quite articulate.  Off topic of Tyson-but Larry Bird. I think Larry Bird is probably of average intelligence. The man was a genius though when it came to basketball.  I think Tyson has street smarts. He’s not a moron. I wonder how his Broadway play will turn out.

2 responses to “Mike Tyson -46 years old today

  1. No question Cus D’s death changed a lot of things. I could not agree more on comment 4. No one seems as honest as Tyson.

    Douglas as you stated. Nothing to lose. And he cashed in all of his stamps in that fight, but for several months and forever he will be known as James ‘Buster’ Douglas – undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

    • And in 100 years they will still be talking about James Buster Douglass whenever sports upsets are talked about… if there is still a world in 100 years..

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