Tommie Smith/John Carlos

Tommie Smith and John Carlos are remembered for their act of protest in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics {The first summer Olympic Games that I watched}  After finishing first and second in the 200 meters- on the podium they gave the black power salute. {in contrast I recall George Foreman’s response- after winning the boxing Gold- he brought out a miniture American Flag and waved it}. Some view Smith and Carlos as heroes others do not. I am only commenting on these guys today for one reason -yesterday John Carlos turned 67, today Tommie Smith turned 68. Just found it odd their birthdays were back to back like that. I prefer Foreman’s act to Smith/Carlos ..but to each his own.

The most memorable moment of those Olympic Games- Bob Beamon’s shattering of the long jump record. Sports Illustrated named Beamon’s leap- one of the 5ive most memorable sports moments of the 20th Century.