D-Day June 6th, 1944

68 years ago- D-Day. There are a few dates that you never forget what happened on that date.  December 7, September 11. December 8 and of course June 6th- D Day. Sitting here today of course we know what happened- the outcome. The good guys won. The drama is out of it. But put yourself back in June 1944. No one knew how this was going to turn out. What would have happened if the Germans had turned back the Allied troops in Normandy? How much longer would the war have went on? Would we have even won the war?

Today the men who fought at Normandy, in World War II who are still living are in their mid 80’s and older. Think of them today, think of all the men who gave their lives, all those who fought and contributed to victory in World War II.

To read more about D-Day-there are many good books, my favorite being Max Hastings “Operation Overlord” The best on the planning of the invasion Carlo D’Este’s “Decision In Normandy” Stephen Ambrose’s books on D-Day are probably the most widely known but not necessarily the best. I don’t trust his work like I do the others due to the exposure of his stealing other people’s works.

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  1. I had the fortune to visit Normandy a few years ago. I highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to go there, do yourself a huge favor and go. I was overwhelmed, almost to the point of no words. I cannot fathom what each man saw, much less went through.

    Before I had this opportunity, I had met a gentleman that landed at Omaha. I miss the opportunities to speak with AJ about his experiences. Thank you AJ and the other vets who lived and died, not only at this battle, but during the wars.

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