Romney may pick running mate early in summer

In the history of presidential elections in the United States rarely does it matter who the VP candidate is. I don’t think it usually helps or hurts, everyone is voting for the man on the top of the ticket. In 1960- JFK needed Texas and LBJ delivered. There have been some uninspirted picks- Ted Agnew in 68. Nixon still won, Danny Quayle in 88 and GHW Bush still won. I don’t think Palin helped McCain but I also don’t think he cost him the election. Having said that Romney can’t pick some other white guy- especially some other white guy from the northeast[A Christie} I think he has the opportunity to pick someone that may help him -Marco Rubio in Florida. Florida is going to be one of those states again that could win or lose an election. Rubio couldn’t help but help with the Cuban/latino vote. Rubio would be a good choice. I don’t know if Condi Rice would have any interest but I’d give her a call too. Romney needs something to get people a little energized.

Maybe the election in November is going to be- a thumbs up/thumbs down vote on Obama anyway.

One state I don’t see the Obama/Biden plane landing in is West Virginia- its thumbs down on Obama there. Last month in the primary a prisoner down in Texas got 41 percent of the vote vs Obama. They are trying to make into a bad mark on West Virginia. I think its a bad mark on POTUS.

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  1. i have to agree with you on this. I am not sure that Rubio exactly fits the bill of what the ticket will want, but i dont think that they will stray too far off course here. i think that mccain did not fully vet palin in 2008. that was obvious. however i would say that if the media and others had chased obama as much as they did palin the election may have been different.

    that being said – i think that romney will make a careful choice. one that has been vetted already. condi rice makes a good choice in that regard, since she has been secy of state and director of the nsa, there would be little resistance to her. i dont think they know all about rubio. i just do not see condi accepting the role. she seems happy at stanford, and she has already said her dream job is nfl commish. that would be interesting.

  2. Roger God-dell is a young man-unless the NFL fires him she may have a long wait for that gig. The NFL has a history of keeping their commissioners forever. In that last 50 years what have they had-3?

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