Richard Dawson of Hogan’s Heroes and Family Feud Fame-dead at 79

I was shocked to see this- I thought he had died a few years ago. I do think in recent years he had been very reclusive. Hogan’s Heroes I enjoyed watching back when I was growing up. For some reason I don’t think there were many Nazis like Col. Wilhelm Klink or his sidekick Sgt. Schultz.

The only main character left from the show is “LeBeau”- Robert Clary- the rest have passed away. Schultz was always my favorite.

It was Dawson who introduced Bob Crane to John Henry Carpenter-the man who most likely killed Crane. There was a pretty good movie about this-ten years or so ago called “Auto Focus”

Reading his obit-I was surprised how quickly time passes- Dawson’s last year on “Family Feud” was 1985. That is 27 years ago. Time flies. I have no idea if “Family Feud” is still on but when I hear those words I think of Richard Dawson.

2 responses to “Richard Dawson of Hogan’s Heroes and Family Feud Fame-dead at 79

  1. this guy was something on match game. basically his act on match game made them create family feud for him to be more showcased.

    and i would agree with you – i really do not think there were many that were like klink or schultz.

  2. I heard on the radio this morning the estimate is Dawson kissed over 20.000 women during his years at “The Family Feud”…Wilt Chamberlain type numbers…

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