What are you in for? Drink Trafficking

What are you in for? Drink Trafficking

I understand that we need to stop eating the portion sizes we have, put the fork down, mix in a salad or two, or even go outside (oh the horror) and take a walk, but is this really an answer?

I can see it now, this will cue the rise of drink kingpins. I see the Nino Browns and Tony Sopranos of the cola wars. Maybe we need a new letter to the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Colas.

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  1. Agreed – a lot of people-including myself need to eat better…but I think this is all wrong. In one of the “Hunger Game” books-in one of the districts the people there are given a certain amount of food to eat each meal-according to weight etc..and that is all they get to eat, not saying its going to come to that here but.. educate the people, try and get them to eat better meals but don’t limit the size of drinks, food..

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