I really do not even know what to say here. Quite frankly at this point in our country’s progression whether there is a D or an R behind the name, I would doubt very seriously that many of them could pass a citizenship test, much less than a test on the Constitution.

While I do think that everyone should have access to reasonable and affordable healthcare, it should not be mandated by any government. I wonder very seriously how much unnecessary costs have healthcare providers had to add to cover themselves from garbage added by bureaucrats that have no idea of how business works.

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  1. I’m curious here. How do you propose “that everyone should have access to reasonable and affordable healthcare . . .”?

    First, we’re not talking “healthcare”, but rather medical and/or pharmaceutical care. Your “should” implies an obligation on the part of others, and enforceable one.

  2. Apologies if that came across that way. What i am after is that everyone should have the ability to have healthcare. Each person needs to pay for their own way or for their families. The same as I go to the fuel station I do not get to use insurance to put fuel in my vehicle.

    I do not understand why healthcare is the way it is. In my opinion insurance should be only for catastrophic events, not for a routine check up.

    I also think that most everyone’s priorties are a lot skewed. I find it amazing that people who claim that they cannot afford a medicine, or a doctor etc, sure seem to have money for a cell phone, cigarettes, or alcohol or even starbucks.

    I think too many people have this idea that their job is just to give them money and insurance. Your job is based on production and making money for the ownership.

  3. Also, I meant to clarify the bureaucrats (read politicians) seem to continue to think that we subjects not citizens. Why can’t a pharmaceutical sales person give away pens or notepads, while some politician takes their family and an entourage to a foreign country. I am tired of all politicians taking advantage of the people.

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