On This Date In History- Heinrich Himmler commits suicide.

On this date in 1945- Heinrich Himmler, chief of Adolf Hitler’s SS, assistant chief of the Gestapo, and archtect of the Nazis’ extermination of 6 million Jews and between 200,000 and 500,000 Roma and three or four million Poles and others, swallowed cyanide to commit suicide in a Luneberg, Germany, prison one day after his capture.In 2008, Himmler was named “the greatest mass murderer of all time” by German news magazine Der Spiegel, reflecting his role as architect of the Holocaust.

I like those ‘Seperated at Birth comparisons”- Doesn’t former Red Sox manager Terry Francona look strikingly like Himmler?

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  1. i saw this a couple of days ago, hard to make out the detail. the picture that i saw was from a higher perspective. probably the only time you will ever see a picture of the nazi flags and american flags side by side

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