Contributors wing of baseball HOF

your other post on tommy john, brought up dr frank jobe the inventor of tj surgery. i agree that he needs to be in the HOF for his contributions to the game. others that i would put on this list and i think you and i have discussed most of these guys before.

dr james andrews – not as common in baseball but his acl/mcl repairs have prolonged many careers that could have been just flat out over.

marvin miller – agent – no question that many people do not like him etc, but without him there is no way that the average mlb salary is where it is today. and he needs to go in while he is still alive. not like the buck o’neill fiasco a couple of years back.

curt flood – his playing days were pretty good, but without him challenging the reserve clause there is ZERO chance that the baseball landscape looks anything like it does today.

i am sure that i am missing some others that have contributed as well. open for comments

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  1. Bill James – he revolutionized the game with his statistics. The Baseball Abstracts he wrote back in the 70’s and 80’s has slowly changed the way the game is viewed and run.

    Charles O. Finley- he built the great Swingin’ A’s teams in the 1970’s the last teams to win 3 World Championships in a row.

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