Some Things I think, I think

  • If you are a Miami Heat fan, rest assured your team will be going to the N.B.A. Finals again this year. With the Lakers and Kobe on the verge of illimination the powers that be will not let the Heat lose. If the Heat need it-the N.B. A. will see a few close, questionable calls go their way.
  • Albert Pujols with 1/4th of the season in the books has 3 home runs, 18 RBI. and a batting average of .211. This is a guy who is a .325 career hitter, a hitter who has hit 30 or more home runs in all 11 seasons he has played. He has had 10 100 plus RBI seasons the only season he failed to reach 100-last year when he had 99. I don’t think Albert has forgotten how to hit. The problem has to be all inside his head. I think he also made a big mistake in leaving the best baseball city in America- St.Louis. Money isn’t everything. I expect Albert will rebound. He’s not finished but I do think the contract the Angels game him, well they won’t get their money’s worth. He’s had his best years.
  • I’d love to see the Los Angeles Kings take the Stanley Cup, An 8th seed has never won it. The hockey regular season is the most meaningless regular season in American sports. All you need to do is play well enough to make the playoffs-then get hot at the right time.
  • Last season Adam Dunn had an historically terrible season. In 496 at bats 11 home runs, 42 RBI and a .159 batting average. This season he has to be the early favorite for Comeback Player of the Year with 14 home runs, 32 RBI and his average is up 88 points at .247. The big question I had on Dunn’s 2011 season. How can you give nearly 500 at bats to a player hitting .159?
  • The Milwaukee Brewers should have been sent back to the American League instead of the Houston Astros.
  • There hasn’t been a Triple Crown winner in either league since Carl Yastremski in 1967. Josh Hamilton with his excellent start has a pretty good shot at it. Hamilton has had one of the strangest in recent times. Maybe we will have Triple Crown winners in baseball and in horse racing this season.
  • Baseball should get rid of interleague play and the American League should get rid of the Designated Hitter. Neither is going to happen.