Lance Berkman’s career is over?

Lance Berkman’s career may have come to its end with an ACL tear. He is 36 and has said if he has to undergo surgery he may just retire. He had a very productive career, especially with the Astros. 359 career homers, .296 average. 6 time all-star. He drove in over 100 runs six times. Odd that the two greatest power hitters in Houston Astros history- Bagwell and Berkman had their careers cut short as they were nearing the end with injuries. Berkman was just coming off his best season since 2008 last year. His final full season he finally gets a World Series ring and he played a big part in bringing another title to St. Louis. Not a bad way to go out. He won’t get into the Hall of Fame but he had a fine career.  The two Astros who should be in the Hall of Fame- Biggio and Bagwell.