Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and to please come back and watch us all grow up together. we can all say that we were here at the beginning.

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  1. Excellent blog and very well-written. Dave Parker wasn’t drafted till the 14th round in 1970 draft and was 332nd overall pick, but still was drafted ahead of future Hall of Famer Bruce Sutter, who was drafted in the 21st round was 501st overall pick. I don’t understand why Bill Mazeroski is in Hall of Fame, while Parker isn’t. Mazeroski barely had 2,000 hits, while Parker needed 288 hits to have 3,000 hits. Parker one MVP, finished 2nd in voting once, 3rd twice and 5th once. He was one of the most underpaid players ever, earning only $12 million during his career, according to baseball-reference.com and his highest salary for a season was $1.6 million with the Angels. He earned $110,000 in his rookie season. Rookies today make a minimum salary of $490,000. He should have gotten more than 25 percent of the vote in the Hall of Fame voting. His stats make a good case for him being admitted by the Veteran’s Committee, unless there is a time limit on how long he is eligible.

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