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Billboard #1 Hits: #776: ‘Informer’- Snow. March 13, 1993. #1 for 7 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: ‘Informer” -Snow
  • Record Company- East West
  • Genre: Reggae Fusion
  • Written by Edmond Leary, Shawn Moltke, Darrin O’Brien
  • Time: 4:28
  • B-side: ‘Lonely Monday Morning’
  • Album- 12 Inches Of Snow
  • Grade: D
  • Peaked at #1 7 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #2 in UK Singles Chart. #1 in Australia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Zimbabwe.

Watered down reggae from Canadian reggae musician Snow- born Darrin O’Brien. Snow was a 2 hit wonder- ‘Informer’ and its follow up ‘Girl I’ve Been Hurt” #19.

7 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS : #776: ‘INFORMER’- SNOW – MARCH 13, 1993

  1. Why oh why couldn’t he have spent his time as a youth in Toronto listening to CFNY? Maybe then he would have made some second-rate Depeche Mode or Smiths music instead of second-rate Public Enemy.

  2. It’s about this time, this era, that pop music began to go in a direction/down a trajectory I didn’t wish to hear- mostly. Still some gems, the odd nugget, but a lot of dross that hit a bum note, and/or we’ve all heard a sample of before. As we grow ol- ahem, mature, we get more discerning I suppose. Music speaks loudest and most urgently to the young, and somewhere down the road you find the tracks that you are happy and comfortable to stick to. The direction these latest new soulless musical routes are going I can’t be assed following. But, anyway, ‘happy holidays!’

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