Best Beatles Books

A couple days ago I ran across a Great Baseball Books list- yesterday this popped up 50 Great Books About The Beatles. Again I plan on making a list myself of my favorite Beatles books -scanning this list- there are a few books that I immediately think of as deserving to be listed which didn’t make the list. The first Beatles book I ever read back in the 1970s- The Beatles Forever by Nicholas Schaffner remains one of my favorites. Also I’d add Tim Riley’s Tell Me Why, Dreaming The Beatles by Rob Sheffield, Beatles ’66 by Steve Turner, Love Me Do- The Beatles Progress by Michael Braun–I am sure there are others which haven’t come immediately to mind. I recently found Pete Shotton’s book -In My Life- which I haven’t read before- but have heard good things about- so it might go on the list also.


  1. Thank you for that link and your list as well. I’d like to read the ones in your list as I trust you in Beatles matters. In the link list I’d like to read:
    #20 – The Beatles Anthology by The Beatles (who better to say than they themselves?)
    #23 – A Cellarful of Noise: The Autobiography of the Man Who Made The Beatles by Brian Epstein (would like to get into the mind of Epstein and hear it in his own words)
    #26 – Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles, Made the Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll by Fred Goodman (would like to see how this is spun so Klein sounds like a hero. what a joke!)
    #48 – I, Me, Mine by George Harrison (I’ve read this one, hardback 1st edition, and I LOVED IT)

  2. I, Me, Mine… I’ve seen that one this fall in the local BArnes and Noble. I might end up getting that one, so chances are good it would be my next one to take on.

    • Dave, if you can find it used at a rare books place (e.g. Abebooks, Powells) a hard copy first edition you’ll be able to fully appreciate it. I paid $17 which isn’t unreasonable imo.

  3. Here’s one I read recently that is a wonderful reference book for the true Beatles fan:
    “Visualizing The Beatles: A Complete Graphic History of the World’s Favorite Band,” written/designed by the duo of John Pring and Rob Thomas, copyright is 2018.

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