Hardcover The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract Book

While I don’t write much about it- I am into books and reading as much as I am into music and baseball. My big subjects are history- biography- music, the American Civil War and baseball. I have have been reading baseball books since I started to read-and well I am one of those folks who never get rid of anything so I probably have about every book I’ve ever bought. I saw this article from Esquire the other day- the 100 Best Baseball Books ever. While If I sat down and thought about it and made a list I would have some that they don’t list on my list- but this list is a strong one. I think I will start working on a list of my favorites.

100 Best Baseball Books Ever [Esquire article]



  1. Thanks Hans! I’ve bookmarked this one…I’ll go through it more thoroughly. I haven’t read one in the top 10! I see though after that I have some…My next one will be the Clemente book you mentioned…when I’m done re-reading Tune In.

  2. You never cease to amaze me Hans. With all the music sent to me by artists & PR reps to consider for possible reviews, listening to even part of said music, writing reviews, and reading the 100s of posts by other bloggers I follow like yourself day after day, not to mention my work job, I have zero time to read books anymore.

    • I read a lot at work–working the circulation desk all the time I always have a book or two with me… a lot of slow time especially in the evenings..

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