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Billboard Top 40 Hits 1971: #235:’ Day After Day’- Badfinger. December 4, 1971.

  • Single: ‘Day After Day’ – Badfinger
  • Record Company- Apple
  • Genre: Power Pop
  • Written by Pete Ham
  • Time: 3:02
  • B-side: ‘Money’
  • Album- Straight Up
  • Grade: A+
  • Peaked at #4 14 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

Badfinger- originally called The Iveys- power pop icons- from Swansea, Wales- started out way back in 1961- they were the first band signed by The Beatles for their Apple label. They had four Top 10 hits- with ‘Day After Day’ being their highest chart hit at #4. George Harrison produced this song-and played guitar on it. Leon Russell is on piano.

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  1. Well, Max has the ultimate say since he took his screenname from them! But to me, perhaps not the best song they wrote (“Without You” probably takes that title, but Nilsson did it so much better than them) but it is my favorite record by them. And why not with George Harrison and Leon Russell helping out.

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