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Billboard Top 40 Hits 1971: #205: ‘Baby I’m-A Want You’- Bread. October 23, 1971. Peaked at # 3 in Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: ‘Baby I’m-A Want You’- Bread
  • Record Company- Elektra
  • Genre: Soft Rock
  • Written by David Gates
  • Time: 2:25
  • B-side: ‘Truckin’
  • Album- Baby I’m- A Want You
  • Grade: B
  • Peaked at #3 12 weeks in Billboard Hot 100.

Bread a band formed in Los Angeles and fronted by David Gates- put the soft -into soft rock. From 1970-77 they had 13 Hot 100 hits- with 12 making the Top 40. Their biggest hit was their first- “Make It With You’ #1 in 1970.

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  1. Music for that mawkish year of adolescence when you have an overly sensitive soul. Nothing wrong with it, it has its time and place. After the benefit of a few years of life’s experiences- and an ex or two- listening to something like ‘Diary’, well, you can’t help but smile. At the younger you.

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