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2021 Song Draft- Round 9 Pick 4- Hanspostcard selects ‘Stan’- Eminem -featuring Dido. Back in the day my students wouldn’t believe me when I would mention that I had all of Eminem’s albums- but it was true. ‘Stan’ is the best ‘fan obsession’ song I can’ think of- ‘Stan’ writes Eminem letters which become increasingly angrier and more obsessive when he doesn’t get a response- Stan ends up driving off a bridge with his pregnant girlfriend tied up in the truck– in the final verse- Eminem writes him back- advising him to not take all the songs he writes so seriously and advises him to seek help- before realizing that he had heard the story on the news about the guy driving off the bridge in a drunken stupor with his girlfriend in the trunk- and that it was ‘Stan.’ A great addition to the song is the sampling of Dido’s song ‘Thank You.’ Rolling Stone Magazine in their most recent poll had ‘Stan’ at #223 in their 500 Greatest Songs Ever list- and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame lists ‘Stan’ as one of the 500 Songs Which Shaped Rock and Roll.

What does an artist/ athlete/ movie star etc- owe his fans? ‘Stan’ was of mind that Eminem owed him a lot. I don’t think they owe me anything. If I go to a sporting event- concert- movie- all I expect is the performers best effort in whatever it is they are doing. I read a lot of comments here and there on social media- where a ‘fan’ will consider the celebrity an a-hole if they don’t sign an autograph or give them the time of day if they run in to them. For a celebrity it is certainly a ‘can’t win’ situation. If you sign a dozen autographs and then move on- but I don’t get my autograph- does that make them a jerk? Back in the mid 1980’s a friend and I would take his boys who were 12-13 at the time to Pirates games. After the games the boys would want to go down to where the players exit the stadium. They got a number of autographs- of Pirates and of away players. Some guys were great at signing- some never signed. Some were very friendly- others surly [A shout out there to Bill Madlock- who was always in a pissed off mood ] My friend and I would stand and watch- and he would get angry- and say things like these guys should sign autographs until everyone got one etc that they ‘owe’ it to the fans. I took the other view. These people have lives. They are at the ballpark early- the have a game- it’s 10 pm- they are tired and would probably like to get home and see their family and rest up for tomorrow’s game , get something to eat. If they sign autographs- that’s great a bonus but don’t expect them it or demand it.

I am a big fan of Bob Dylan but if I happened to be walking down the street- and looked up and Bob was walking towards me- I’d leave him be. Now there are certainly people I might speak to in those situations- Bruce Springsteen has a reputation for being very fan friendly- if it were Bruce I’d say something but I wouldn’t bother him for an autograph. As a kid I collected autographs- and I will say even as an adult If I had run into one of the all time greats- like a Muhammad Ali I would have asked for an autograph. I do think they owe you something in this situation- if you are at a book signing or an autograph signing where you are playing them $$$$ for their autograph- I recall 15 years or so- being in Gettysburg on the anniversary of the battle. Big crowds and who do I see sitting at a big table signing books none other than Newt Gingrich. I got in line- bought a book. The co-author was very friendly- signed the book- passed it to Newt who didn’t even look up- just signed it and shoved it towards me. I watched from a distance and he was like that to everyone- people are BUYING his crappy book- and he can’t even look at them– UNTIL- a very attractive young lady came along and all the sudden Newt perked up. Well this behavior is what I would have expected from Newt- from everything I had ever read or heard about him. I certainly wasn’t disappointed….

Has anyone run into a celebrity type- out on the street- at an airport etc? I swear 20 years ago I was at a gas station pumping gas into the car and I looked up and there was- Uncle Fidel! Fidel Castro. If there had been phones with cameras back then I would have gotten a selfie. When I got back into the car- Mrs. Postcard said immediately’ “He looked like Fidel Castro.’ Fidel Castro Comes To Ohio.


  1. Eminem went to my high school. He actually was at one of my birthday parties just after his first album hit. He was in a hoodie, which he kept over his head. We all said hello, but didn’t make a big deal over him.

    In radio, I’ve met a lot of artists. Most are generous and give autographs. Not sure I would ask for one if I was out in public and bumped into them, but who knows.

    Interesting that Paul McCartney has just said he is done signing autographs…..

  2. Not a fan of Eminem , but this song is tolerable, especially with the addition of Dido in it… I don’t mind “Lose Yourself” by him either.
    Good points on celebrity. I was telling my sweetie not long ago, as a kid I thought IF I were ever a star musician, I’d want to be like one of the guys in Chicago – popular, creating hit music but pretty anonymous! I’d hate to be stopped everytime I went out for a walk or to the store by autograph-seekers, people wanting photos etc. Back in Ontario, I saw Dolores O’Riordan shopping one time, but didn’t go over to her even though I was a fan. Also ran into a couple of semi-famous Canadian musicians at times, like one time Kim Mitchell, who was eating lunch in a food court (near the radio station he worked at at the time)…I walked up and said something like “hey, you’re Kim Mitchell,” he agreed and I just said “nice to meet you” or something like that and didn’t keep him from his meal and thoughts any more. Book signings and things are different, like you suggest. Met Douglas Coupland (“Generation X”) at a radio interview which was open to the public, he was great, signed a book for me and actually chatted for a couple of minutes.
    Ran into the leader of a “third” party in Canada at a donut shop once, but haven’t met any notorious communist leaders yet,LOL!

    • i think you had the right idea- be successful but someone who isn’t recognizable to the general public. I can’t imagine the hassle some folks have just going out in public on a daily basis….. a story i recall- Reggie Jackson- he would get upset if he was out and people were asking for autographs etc—but if no one noticed him- he’d be upset too. Sounds like Reggie

    • that does… he was something! I knew a girl who briefly worked on a film set near us that was doing a Ewan McGregor shoot… she said he seemed very perturbed so few people were star-struck or asking for photos with him, which I believe because he acted like that once in one of his travelogs when he went to somewhere in Africa he’d shot a scene for Star Wars. Some people are born for the spotlight .

  3. Hans, neat to know you have Slim Shady’s discography. Part of the years I was working with the juvenile delinquents, he was loved by the kids as he seemed to be a voice for them and so much of the crap he had to grow up with they were living also. First time hearing this one. I think “Stan” has gone beyond fan into fanatic and has serious mental health issues. The target could be anyone or anything, and stars make easy targets. I remember reading about someone stalking Eddie Vedder and how scary it was for him. It must be for the stars when they are stalked or get letters like that. As the world we know continues to crumble, I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of it, as celebrities are a perfect vehicle for escaping reality. As to seeing a real star, in this little berg, they usually aren’t around. Do you know who Seamus Kennedy is? Years ago, he hit on me at our Irish Music Festival. Does that count? Oh yes, I was also hit on by Kim Wilson once when I visited my cousin in Austin, TX. I *almost* went to one of the book-signing events that Chuck Palahniuk put on in Chicago a few years ago. He’s one person I would love to have a conversation with, but I’m sure he’s probably sick of being hassled by adoring fans.

  4. Oh man, I have so much to say in response to this post, but will keep it as brief as I can. First off, I’m happy to finally see an Eminem song on the draft, and am impressed that it’s you, Hans, who shared it! While not a massive fan, I do like many of his songs. “Lose Yourself” is one of my all-time favorites, and I was seriously thinking about choosing it for this draft round.

    As for what artists/celebrities owe their fans, that’s a very complicated subject to say the least. I’ll admit to being star struck, and while musicians, actors, athletes, etc. deserve their privacy, it’s also nice when they do interact with fans. And obviously, those who reach the stature or notoriety of of Paul McCartney, Eminem, Madonna, Lady Gaga, George Clooney or Beyonce, to name a few off the top of my head, having a ‘normal’ life in which you can just go to the market or a movie theater is out of the question, other than in their wealthy little enclaves. With the number of fans those celebrities have, it’s simply not possible to engage with even a fraction of them. I’ve personally met few ‘famous’ people face to face, but probably the biggest was actor Chris Cooper, at Logan Airport in Boston in 2007. I saw him at the baggage claim, and struck up a brief conversation with him. He was polite, but curt.

    As a music blogger, I’ve formed relationships (I think calling them ‘friendships’ might be a bit overly-optimistic) with hundreds of artists and bands. Two fairly major artists I’ve come to be particularly close with – and who I’ve also featured several times on my blog – are Two Feet and MISSIO. Both follow me on Twitter & Instagram, and have interacted with me there numerous times. I’m also followed on Twitter by Cage the Elephant, Foster the People, Portugal. The Man, Natasha Bedingfield and Siedah Garrett, though have had little interaction with them. Surprisingly, I was also followed by the late Eddie Money, as well as Eric Carmen, who I later unfollowed due to his rabid support of Trump.

    • It is a complicated subject- and it is one that the older I have gotten- the more I look at these people as- just people. As a kid I would have been crushed if someone I had admired- and met turned out to be a rude jerk. … to this day I like hearing the stories of people meeting these ‘famous’ types and them being nice people. I would much rather hear the story of an acquaintance who back in the 80’s ran a hotel- where James Garner stayed while making a movie for a couple months- and Garner being a consistently normal and friendly guy—than to hear stories about a Michael Jordan who with all the money in the world- won’t leave a tip after a meal etc.

  5. I forgot to state that I think Newt Gingrich is one of the most despicable politicians in America’s long and sordid history, not to mention a horrible human being. He deserves a lot of blame for the deep divisiveness we’re experiencing today.

    • He seemed to be pretty much the same guy in person as many of the intense and serious characters he’s portrayed in films. Interestingly, none of the other people hanging around baggage claim seemed to notice or recognize him, so I’m pretty certain he’s not the type of celebrity who’s hounded by the public or paparazzi. Still, he seemed to be a very private guy.

  6. I’m a little thin on rap music. I am far from being an Eminem fan and the video, above, I find horrific (though I am a huge Dido fan). My rap tastes include the Sugarhill Gang, MC Hammer, Young MC, Tone Lōc and Will Smith (I guess that makes me “old school”). Originally, MC Hammer & Vanilla Ice were annoying for ripping off music I liked but, over time, they grew on me. I prefer Mark Wahlberg as an actor to “Good Vibrations.”

    That being said, remember this?

    This was the tour where I discovered the incredible difference between Journey & Def Leppard. My crew (four of us…Monica’s husband is not in the shot) met Def Leppard, first and they were so gracious. They shook our hands like proper Brits and were wonderful. Journey, on the other hand… We stepped forward to shake hands, like our Def Leppard experience and Neal Schon visibly drew back. He acted like we had the plague and stepped back with an awful look on his face. Jeff Scott Soto was obnoxious, as was Ross Valory. Cain was very nice to me and we had a nice, short chat. Deen Castronovo called to me to ask about my shirt. I was wearing a “Marine Corps Wife” t-shirt and he asked the obvious…”You married to a Marine?” Yes, I am. “Tell him I said ‘Thank you for your service.'” I appreciated that but, was shocked when he was later arrested (and thrown out of the band) for spousal abuse.

    I’ve met and talked to Edwin McCain at the Cat’s Cradle. He was very nice.

    As a side note, my ‘significant other’ has a godson that is a musician out of Myrtle Beach:
    Ronnie is center-front. Echo 7 toured with Queensryche, Finger 11 and Three Doors Down. He is an incredible musician and…legally blind. His wife has to drive him, everywhere.

    I’ve also met many, many actors via ComicCons…some good, some bad.

    • I think most celebrities are like most people in general- most are nice but you get a few turds– just like real life. …..If Journey walked right by me I wouldn’t recognize any of them- except Joe Perry- and he’s been gone from the group for probably 30 years ?

    • Yes! LOL! He left in 1987, came back in 1991 for a tribute concert, re-joined in 1995 and permanently left in 1998.

      The two worst actor/celebs I have encountered are Gary Lockwood & Walter Koenig.

    • Who is Gary Lockwood? I now who Walter Koenig is- he should be glad to get any attention. .. I met and talked to Warren Zevon who I am a big fan of- back in the 90’s- he was very nice.

    • OK gotcha- knew the face just not the name. He should be happy anyone remembers me– I don’t know the details but if Stefanie Powers dumped him- no wonder he’d be surly.

    • I stood in front of him, more interested in the fact that he’d been in 2001 than Star Trek and he was less than friendly. He acted like he’d been forced to be there. He grabbed a picture of himself (nothing from ST or 2001), signed it and threw it at me. The venue wasn’t the best, tho. It was a ComicCon in Raleigh at the State Fair area. It was hot and he was sweating profusely. That is also the ComicCon where Shatner arrived late and was drunk.

      As I walked away, I heard him say to the George Takai “Damn I’ll be glad when these people are gone and we can leave.” I did not hear George respond. Speaking of, HE was very nice.

      With Powers, I suspect William Holden had a lot to do with that.

  7. Interesting song and conversation here. This song is compelling and so tragic. I’m glad to see Eminem represented in the draft, with a song of this caliber. I’m not familiar with very much of his work, but his song ‘Headlights’ is also one I can’t ignore for its literal, unabashed message to his mom.

    About celebrity encounters, I haven’t had many at all, good or bad. But would you like to see my picture with Brett Saberhagen in 2015? 😀 He was great, at a meet-and-autograph night at one of our minor league games, and I love how the picture turned out. But for chance encounters, my most memorable one was probably Judy Collins, in the airport check-in line at Traverse City. She was booked 1st class, which did her no good with the tiny dysfunctional check-in counter. She was as screwed as the rest of us in line wondering where the staff were and what was going on. She was totally gracious and good-natured. I don’t think anyone asked her for her autograph or took a picture. She just joined the conversation of bewildered travelers hoping we’d be on our flight soon. She kept a positive demeanor, which kept us all in better spirits than what you’d normally see with a frustrated check-in line!

    • Saberhagen was one of the best pitchers back in the 80’s— the Judy Collins airplane comments reminded me my mother in law once sat by Gladys Knight on a plane–and she said she was wonderful- as I would have thought she would be.

  8. I was on floor detail today… but yes…you DID surprise me with this pick! I have ran into a few but never asked for an autograph…the last one was Peter Frampton at the airport and I left him alone…really short guy.
    I did get Pete Best’s autograph but that was at a signing…and Dawn Wells. Met Don Williams many times as he lived near me and I saw Randy Travis a few times also…and Mel Tillis.
    I agree…why do they owe me anything? They supplied the entertainment and I enjoyed it…case closed. If they are nice and cool…yea I might ask but probably not.
    Oh I shook hands with John Kaye…I forgot about that.

    • Yes! Over breakfast no less…Thank you…that slipped my mind. Like I said before…when I was 8 she treated me as a person not a kid…talked to me not down to me.

    • There was a woman from my small hometown- who was a Loretta Lynn fanatic- like we are with The Beatles– every time Loretta would come to the area for a concert she would meet up with the lady and Loretta was always very nice- i forget the story I think she made Loretta something- forget what- and it was in the Coal Miners Daughter movie.

    • Oh wow…that is so cool. You know I would love to meet her again…I think that would be fun. No I know she would NOT remember…but it would be a treat.

      A funny story…when my uncle and dad were making guitars a young female country artist came in wanting a guitar because she liked them. She thought my uncle would give her one (and she would be seen playing one)…he told my dad…who does she think she is? Wanting a free guitar.
      Well…he didn’t give her one and that young lady was Dolly Parton. Dad wanted to give here one on looks alone lol. This was before Dolly really made it. Dad was always pissed at my uncle for not doing that.

    • That’s a funny story- there is another ‘famously’ nice person as far as I have ever heard. .. This is just from what I’ve heard/read but it seems like people are pretty consistent- either as being nice or not being nice- there are folks you never hear a bad story about- and ones who are consistently difficult. I find that is like in real life with ordinary people too.

    • Yes it is…and sometimes it’s not fair…like you mentioned…if they are having a bad day…then they are a bad person forever to some.
      But yes on the whole you pretty much know who is what from the stories.

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