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American Top 40- The 1970’s- Week of October 13, 1979. I can remember October 13, 1979- 42 years ago today like it was yesterday. Game 4 1979 World Series. The Orioles vs my Pirates- my friends Rolf, Dieter and Wolfgang- were at the game- sitting in right field stands. The Pirates led going into the 8th innng 6-3–and then the roof caved in- the Orioles exploded with 6 runs and won 9-6. The Pirates were down 3 games to 1- and all seemed lost. But it wasn’t. The Pirates would win Game 6 on Sunday afternoon- and then go to Baltimore and win games 6 and 7- and win the World Series. It’s been 42 years and the Pirates haven’t been back to the World Series. Overall a very good Top 40 that week too.

1 2 DON’T STOP ‘TIL YOU GET ENOUGH –•– Michael Jackson (Epic)-12 (1 week at #1) (1) A+
2 3 RISE –•– Herb Alpert (A&M)-12 (2) B
3 1 SAD EYES –•– Robert John (EMI-America)-22 (1) B
4 5 SAIL ON –•– The Commodores (Motown)-10 (4)A+
5 4 MY SHARONA –•– The Knack (Capitol)-17 (1)A+
6 7 I’LL NEVER LOVE THIS WAY AGAIN –•– Dionne Warwick (Arista)-17 (6) A
7 8 POP MUZIK –•– M (Sire)-10 (7)A+
8 10 DIM ALL THE LIGHTS –•– Donna Summer (Casablanca)-8 (8)A
9 6 LONESOME LOSER –•– Little River Band (Capitol)-13 (6) B
10 9 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE –•– Earth, Wind and Fire (ARC)-15 (2)A+

11 13 HEAVEN MUST HAVE SENT YOU –•– Bonnie Pointer (Motown)-18 (11)A
12 12 CRUEL TO BE KIND –•– Nick Lowe (Columbia)-12 (12) A+
13 11 DON’T BRING ME DOWN –•– Electric Light Orchestra (Jet)-11 (4) B
14 25 YOU DECORATED MY LIFE –•– Kenny Rogers (United Artists)-6 (14)C
15 52 HEARTACHE TONIGHT –•– Eagles (Asylum)-2 (15)C-
16 16 BORN TO BE ALIVE –•– Patrick Hernandez (Columbia)-17 (16)C
17 20 SPOOKY –•– The Atlanta Rhythm Section (Polydor)-10 (17)B
18 24 DIRTY WHITE BOY –•– Foreigner (Atlantic)-6 (18)C
19 19 THE BOSS –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-14 (19)B
20 21 LOVIN’, TOUCHIN’, SQUEEZIN’ –•– Journey (Columbia)-13 (20)C

21 23 GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME –•– Gerry Rafferty (United Artists)-10 (21)A+
22 27 GOOD GIRLS DON’T –•– The Knack (Capitol)-7 (22) B
24 32 COME TO ME –•– France Joli (Prelude)-7 (24)C
25 26 DEPENDIN’ ON YOU –•– The Doobie Brothers (Warner Brothers)-10 (25)C
26 34 HOLD ON –•– Ian Gomm (Stiff / Epic)-7 (26)A
27 33 I KNOW A HEARTACHE WHEN I SEE ONE –•– Jennifer Warnes (Arista)-16 (27)B
28 37 PLEASE DON’T GO –•– K.C. and the Sunshine Band (T.K.)-8 (28)C
29 30 ARROW THROUGH ME –•– Wings (Columbia)-8 (29)B
30 31 ROLENE –•– Moon Martin (Capitol)-9 (30)B+

31 36 MIDNIGHT WIND –•– John Stewart (RSO)-8 (31)B
32 35 THIS NIGHT WON’T LAST FOREVER –•– Michael Johnson (EMI-America)-11 (32)A
33 39 GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY –•– Bob Dylan (Columbia)-6 (33)B
34 14 BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU (Doctor, Doctor) –•– Robert Palmer (Island)-13 (14)A
35 15 DRIVER’S SEAT –•– Sniff ‘n’ the Tears (Atlantic)-13 (15)A+
36 41 FOUND A CURE –•– Ashford and Simpson (Warner Brothers)-9 (36)B
37 42 SO GOOD, SO RIGHT –•– Brenda Russell (Horizon)-9 (37)C
38 47 STILL –•– The Commodores (Motown)-3 (38)B
39 40 GOOD FRIEND –•– Mary MacGregor (RSO)-10 (39)C
40 64 TUSK –•– Fleetwood Mac (Warner Brothers)-2 (40)A

11 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40- THE 1970’S-WEEK OF OCTOBER 13, 1979

  1. a lot of good stuff that week… I need to go listen to ‘Get it right Next Time’, I’d forgotten about that one. In Canada same week, “Bad case of Loving You” was #1… back then there were often differences in taste across the border.

  2. also I don’t know what I was doing then, that most of these records I dont even know, maybe 10 of the 40… so if I ever heard them, they didn’t make enough impresssion to remember them at all…

    • I was at the only playoff game in Pittsburgh- Game 3 the clincher vs the Reds and Games 3-4-5 – at 3 Rivers- Pirates losing 3 and 4 and winning 5. I was in college that fall- if I hadn’t been I would have went to Baltimore for the games there…

    • that season i went to about 25 games as I recall in the regular season. … it was kind of gloomy walking out after game 4- blowing that lead- with Tekulve getting hammered in the 8th inning– didn’t seem like much hope… I think a turning point came between games 4- and 5. Chuck Tanner’s mother passed away–and that seemed to get the players determined the next day- Chuck was going through a hard period- the least they could do is ‘get our act together’ and win this…. after they won game 5- we walked out of the ballpark with hope– we thought they can win two in a row–and they did!!

    • They did great coming from behind in the World Series also… that ballpark seemed magical during that run…I could feel that on tv even.

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