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Hans Hot 100 Beatles Songs: #38:’ Across The Universe’-

#38: ‘Across The Universe’- a John Lennon song- one of five songs from The Beatles final album to be released- Let It Be. This ‘cosmic’ song was influenced by John’s interest in Transcendental Meditation. He would express at the end of his life that he was never happy with any of the finished recordings of the song- it sounds pretty good to me.

The Countdown so far- 100-‘Any Time At All’/ 99- ‘No Reply’ / 98- ‘You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]/ 97- ‘The Inner Light’ / 96- ‘ You Won’t See Me’ / 95- ‘Baby’s In Black’/ 94- ‘Sexy Sadie’ / 93- ‘I Need You’ / 92- ‘Love Me Do’/ 91- ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey’/ 90- ‘Doctor Robert’/ 89- ‘There’s A Place’/ 88- ‘Good Day Sunshine’ 87- ‘It’s Only Love’ 86- ‘I Want You [She’s So Heavy] 85-‘Yer Blues’ / 84- ‘From Me To You’/ 83-‘She’s Leaving Home’/ 82-‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite’/ 81-‘I’m So Tired’/ 80-‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ 79- ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’ 78- ‘Yellow Submarine.’ #77 ‘Things We Said Today.’ #76: ‘When I’m Sixty- Four’ #75: ‘Happiness IS A Warm Gun’ 74: ‘I Will’ 73: ‘Within You Without You’ 72: ‘ This Boy’ 71: ‘And I Love Her’- #70: ‘Fixing A Hole’ #69- ‘Drive My Car’ 68: ‘I Should Have Known Better’ #67: ‘Getting Better’ #66: ‘If I Needed Someone’ #65: ‘I’m Down, #64: ‘Good Morning Good Morning.’ #63:’ Hey Bulldog’ #62: ‘The Long And Winding Road’ #61:’ The Fool On The Hill’ #60: ‘Get Back’ #59: ‘Eight Days A Week’ #58:’ Because” 57:’Two Of Us’ 56:’Girl’ #55: ‘Come Together’ #54: Michelle’ #53″ And Your Bird Can Sing’ #52: “Helter Skelter’ #51: ‘Twist And Shout’ #50″ Back In The U.S.S.R.’ #49: ‘If I Fell’- #48” “I’m A Loser’ #47: ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ #46: ‘Julia’ #45: ‘We Can Work It Out’ #44: ‘All You Need Is Love’ #43: ‘For No One” #42:’Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/With A Little Help From My Friends’ #41: ‘Lady Madonna’ #40:’Got To Get You Into My Life’ #39: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’ #38: ‘Across The Universe’


  1. I don’t care for all of their music, especially after they used so many studio tricks and tracks that the songs could never be done in a live setting. There was an indie movie called Across The Universe that used the song as it’s main drive, and it was pretty good. Once Yoko became the fifth Beatle, my interest began to wane.

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