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Hans Hot 100 Beatles Songs: #46: ‘Julia’

he Countdown so far- 100-‘Any Time At All’/ 99- ‘No Reply’ / 98- ‘You Know My Name [Look Up The Number]/ 97- ‘The Inner Light’ / 96- ‘ You Won’t See Me’ / 95- ‘Baby’s In Black’/ 94- ‘Sexy Sadie’ / 93- ‘I Need You’ / 92- ‘Love Me Do’/ 91- ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey’/ 90- ‘Doctor Robert’/ 89- ‘There’s A Place’/ 88- ‘Good Day Sunshine’ 87- ‘It’s Only Love’ 86- ‘I Want You [She’s So Heavy] 85-‘Yer Blues’ / 84- ‘From Me To You’/ 83-‘She’s Leaving Home’/ 82-‘Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite’/ 81-‘I’m So Tired’/ 80-‘The Ballad of John and Yoko’ 79- ‘Baby, You’re A Rich Man’ 78- ‘Yellow Submarine.’ #77 ‘Things We Said Today.’ #76: ‘When I’m Sixty- Four’ #75: ‘Happiness IS A Warm Gun’ 74: ‘I Will’ 73: ‘Within You Without You’ 72: ‘ This Boy’ 71: ‘And I Love Her’- #70: ‘Fixing A Hole’ #69- ‘Drive My Car’ 68: ‘I Should Have Known Better’ #67: ‘Getting Better’ #66: ‘If I Needed Someone’ #65: ‘I’m Down, #64: ‘Good Morning Good Morning.’ #63:’ Hey Bulldog’ #62: ‘The Long And Winding Road’ #61:’ The Fool On The Hill’ #60: ‘Get Back’ #59: ‘Eight Days A Week’ #58:’ Because” 57:’Two Of Us’ 56:’Girl’ #55: ‘Come Together’ #54: Michelle’ #53″ And Your Bird Can Sing’ #52: “Helter Skelter’ #51: ‘Twist And Shout’ #50” Back In The U.S.S.R.’ #49: ‘If I Fell’ #48: ‘I’m A Loser’ #47: ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ #46: ‘Julia’

#46: ‘Julia’- one of 13 songs from The White Album to make the Hans Hot 100 Beatles songs- ‘Julia’ was a song that John Lennon wrote while The Beatles and friends were in India meditating with the Maharishi in the summer of 1968. ‘Julia’ was a song John wrote about his mother Julia- who had been killed when hit by a car on a Liverpool street ten years earlier- an event John never got over. John performed the song solo on the album- just John and his acoustic guitar- it would be the only time John recorded one of his songs solo on a Beatles album. Also there was a little of his future wife in the song -when he sings ‘ocean child calls me’- Yoko means ‘child of the sea’ in Japanese.

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