Two outcasts come up with ‘Because The Night’. Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen create one of my favorite songs. It never fails to move me and get my attention.

Back when, Bruce was forever giving songs to people (That was just the kind of guy he was). In this case it was a collaboration and he and Patti struck lightning. This song is full of passion, power and all sorts of things that make it a special song. What a well written and performed cut.

It opens with some subtle piano with Patti joining in on vocals.  Sounds like a plea then it explodes into a full forced gale of passion. I like everything about this song. Smith’s words are so good and they mesh with the music. This is a rock song sung with feeling. And the song does rock, one of the reasons I like it. Lenny Kaye rips a very good solo. Bruce is a rocker and so are Patti and her band. The song just keeps building like it’s going to explode which it kind of does. Smith sings with that passion I mentioned. She commits to the emotion of it. Love her vocals.

I heard Springsteen do this live in the 70’s and to me it was one of many highlights of his show (ears still ringing from the guitar solo). Flip a coin on what version I dig most. They are both so good.

Bruce and Patti hook up for a night of passion. Man do they find it.

I really like Patti Smith and this song didn’t do anything to diminish that. This goes on the repeat listen spins.

‘So touch me now, touch me now, touch me now”


  1. Kickass song. The lyrics are smoldering and the way she sings it captures the urgency of the feeling. Amazing that The Boss just gave songs away to others to soar with. Good choice for the draft and nice personalized write-up. Can’t imagine seeing The Boss do this song live!

    • I wish I used your opening words “smoldering” etc. Bang on. Yes, there’s a whole take of all the songs Bruce gave people. I was thinking about posting Springsteen’s version. My ears rang for 24 hours after that show. Both him and Pattie sing it just like you said.

  2. Excellent song any way you hear it. I’m surprised REM never did it since Michael Stipe was such a fan of/friend of Patti. Through the type of odds that would be needed to win the Powerball, as it happened I quite literally had just heard the end of the 10 000 Maniacs version on radio when the DJ was saying “that is an update on an old Patti smith song” and I opened up this website to see what today’s song was!

  3. Great song choice! I have the 10,000 Maniacs version, so I hear it more often than Patti’s, but Patti’s is absolutely the standard. Interesting that I’m not the first to mention the 10kM version, as well!

  4. I like Bruce’s original – but I think Patti Smith’s version is the best. Kind of odd Patti Smith having a song on the Hot 100- peaking at #13.

  5. I like this one CB…I like it by either one of them… It has a built in dynamic that I love. As always great pick man.

    • That was/is one of his strongest points. I heard him do a version of Suspicious Minds and the dynamics alone gave me the chills.
      I wish Bruce and Patti would have done more.

    • Agree on both comments. Picking these songs is pretty easy. I just go with top of head and what runs by me to inspire. Just heard this or thought of it a while ago. Gave it a spin and thought , yeah, thats a good one.

  6. Great song, CB. In fact, for a long time, I thought it was Patti Smith’s tune. Only when I got the Springsteen Live/1975-85 box did I realize he had written the tune! As well as “Fire” – not the Pointer Sisters!😀

  7. Like i said in the piece, Bruce gave so many songs to folks, Robert Gordon (Fire), Greg Kihn, Southside, US Bonds (I know Im missing a few). I think this one was more of a collaboration. Patti did kinda make it her own but Bruce had a claim on it too.. That version from Live 75-85 is so good..

  8. Fantastic choice CB! Bruce’s version is great esp live but Patti makes it her own. It is amazing though as you say the songs Bruce has given away. Reminds me of the story where he wrote Hungry Heart with the Ramones in mind but once his manager Jon Landau heard it he was like “umm I don’t think so…”

  9. Thanks Paul. I think we have a lot of common ground especially with Bruce. I remember that Ramones thing. Landau wanted him to write a more radio friendly song if I remember right. The Ramones would have put their stamp on it.

    • Patti’s was the version that I was use to. Then Bruce. He always held these cuts back and his fans were wanting them released. Eventually he would. I remember Greg Kihn doing ‘Rendezvous and it wasnt until years later that Bruce released it. Other than finding it on bootleg. you couldnt hear his version.

  10. This song rules. The 10,000 Maniacs version narrowly outperformed the original on the charts – #11 vs #13. Should have been a top ten hit really – it’s cool and alternative, but has a big catchy chorus. I thought that single cover would have helped with sales too?

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