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2021 Song Draft- Round 3 Pick 10- Hanspostcard selects- ‘Johnny B. Goode’- Chuck Berry.

In Chuck Klosterman’s book from a five years or so ago- the thought provoking ‘But What If We’re Wrong’ he devotes a chapter to the question- in 50 to 100 years- rock music will be remembered through one lone figure. Klosterman discusses the possible candidates- and in the end narrows it down to one- Chuck Berry. I don’t know if he will be right or wrong on this- and I won’t be around to find out in 100 years but Chuck Berry is a good a candidate as any. John Lennon once said that if they were to give Rock N Roll another name they could call it Chuck Berry Music.

One of the most recognizable songs from the 20th century is Chuck Berry’s ‘Johnny B. Goode’- a #2 hit from 1958. If I were to pick the greatest song in rock and roll history- it would be on the short list for sure. In 1977 two phonograph records were included in both Voyager spacecraft that were launched. The sounds on the record were intended to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth for any extraterrestrial form of life which may find them. It is a time capsule in space. “Johnny B. Goode’ was one of the sounds included. In a 1978 Saturday Night Live sketch Steve Martin’s character a psychic named Cocuwa said that the extraterrestrials has sent back a response- of four words ‘Send More Chuck Berry.’


  1. The root of rock and roll…great storytelling and great guitar…you need nothing else. Great pick Hans…I knew Chuck had to get in somewhere.

  2. The granddaddy of Rock and Roll! He had so many good ones to choose from. He influenced everyone!

    As I remember, he wasn’t too keen on changing the lyrics from “colored boy” to “country boy,” but by doing so, he certainly got loads of airplay and a legendary song.

    • One of his biggest hits- #2 a shame it didn’t get to the top….and to think one of his worst songs was his only #1. Life isn’t fair sometimes.

    • I wonder how many times its been covered over the years? That had to have been a staple of many a starting up rock band in the 1960’s…

  3. All right… uh… all right, this is, uh, this is an oldie, but, uh… well, it’s… it’s an oldie where I come from.
    [turning to the backing band]
    Marty McFly : All right, guys, listen. This is a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes, and try and keep up, okay?

    • There’s a funny story that Springsteen tells about how he and E St. band backed up Chuck Berry in the 70s before Springsteen was famous. I guess Barry was famous for just showing up in cities to play and using whatever backing band was available. Springsteen said that it was a very challenging experience because Berry wouldn’t tell them what song was next or what to do he would just start playing and the band would have to quickly figure it out. This led to some rather uneven performances. This was one of the reasons that Keith Richards put together that movie (blanking on name) because he wanted just once for Berry to have a proper backing band.

    • I remember him telling this story…they would ask him…what songs are we playing? The answer…. “We are playing some Chuck Berry songs” lol.
      Hail Hail Rock and Roll

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