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2021 Song Draft- Round 3 Pick 4- Cincinnati Babyhead selects- ‘Not Fade Away’- Buddy Holly.

Right away the beat gets ya.

“I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be..You’re gonna give your love to me..”

One of the best songs ever. So many musicians that I like cover it and do it live. I’ve seen Joe Ely (Fellow Lubbock citizen like Buddy) several times and he says “He never does a show without playing a Buddy Holly song”. He kills this one in concert

“My loves bigger than a Cadillac..”

Man what a song.  Cincinnati Babyhead just loves it and loves it some more. Babyhead jumps up when he hears this one and starts to move.

Buddy Holly is the man.  What a treasure.  Staple for CB.  He’s heard it a million times and intends to listen to it another million.

“You know my love not fade away..”


    • Very good. Thanks. Good to hear he’s still out there in the air. I remember when I heard him being covered by people like Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominoes. I had no idea at the time that they were doing Buddy.

    • My dad said, on more than one occasion, that, if he had lived, he would have been bigger than Elvis. Holly’s music was a staple in my house, growing up. There are not bad Holly songs.

    • Vic all I can say is I listen to Buddy more than Elvis. Your Dad was onto something. I was saying in another comment that I had a compilation of BH on today and yeah, so many good songs. I figured you’d chime in on this one.

    • My dad liked both men, equally. There was just as much Elvis playing in the console stereo as there was Holly. But, Holly was a much better guitarist and songwriter. Elvis was a terrible guitarist in comparison and he did write a few songs…but, they were co-written. He had a great voice and was a cultural icon but, Holly was a superior musician. I will say, though, that, having seen some of Elvis’s later movies (like Charro!), he was a better actor than he was given credit for.

    • I like Buddy more than Elvis- but as far as being ‘bigger’ Elvis had the looks- Buddy wasn’t going to be bigger than Elvis. Better but not bigger.

    • Well…think about it. If Holly had lived…Elvis went into the military and his career suffered because of it. Holly would have continued while Elvis was gone and in uniform. There could have been a shift. Sadly, we will never know. Pure speculation. I’m assuming that that was what my dad was thinking. He never clarified.

    • Which way would Buddy’s music have went? The music he made at the end- had strings and he covered a Paul Anka written song- gag…

    • He and his music would have evolved. Not that it is a direct comparison, Pink Floyd, in the beginning, didn’t sound like the Pink Floyd of the 80s. Ditto Fleetwood Mac.

      Would it have been better or worse? Good question.

    • It would have been a reinvent for sure. They all got shoved to the side with the British invasion but some hung in to reemerge later with solid music, Cash, Everly’s. Lewis. people like Vincent and others had a tough time. I would like to think Buddy would have found a groove. Wishful thinking? Maybe.

    • I would have hoped so too- he had the talent- I just didn’t like the direction he seemed headed in but he could have quickly changed that…

    • Talent…and what CB said. The good ones always move forward and adapt. So many have copied him over the years. The Bee Gees & the Beatles evolved. Their early sounds were different from their later sounds…different writing, different hairstyles… Talent builds on itself.

    • In saying I listen to Buddy more it doent not diminish Elvis in my ears. He is up there with my love of rock n roll. I listen to Holly more than I do a lot of folks I like.
      Elvis films are another world.

    • His singing/girlie movies were silly and a product of the Colonel. Flaming Star & Charro! are my favorites. The others are fun but, they typecast him. He had acting range, he was just never allowed to do it.

      Then there were his issues with the death of his twin and death of his mother. The man was an emotional mess.

  1. Solid gold choice, CB. I love Buddy’s style. I watched the movie not long ago with Gary Busey as Buddy and it helped me understand where he was coming from with his music.

  2. Very good tune – I didn’t recognize the song by title, but did when I began to play it. No wonder Elvis Costello would seem to want to borrow so much from Buddy’s playbook, and style manual, years later.

  3. Buddy is the man…still. One of the first self contained guys who wrote his own songs. He really never had B sides. All of his songs sound great. Great pick CB.

  4. You cannot go wrong with a Buddy Holly song! As so many before me have already said – there are so many to choose from. It is hard to believe that a man who only released three albums in his lifetime could have so much influence, but he sure did!

    I always begin to wonder when I think of Buddy (and so many others – like Otis Redding, Jim Croce, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Etc…) “What if ….?” I get sad when I start to think about the music that “could have been” or ideas that were running around in his head for future songs.

    Buddy’s music will be around to influence many for years to come! Fantastic choice.

  5. Good stuff in that comment. Yeah I went for a drive today with a bunch of Buddy Holly tunes. It was a very good drive. You being a radio guy I would think Buddy would be a go to spin in a lot of instances.
    Max can supply the music for ‘Clambake ‘ and you and I can dance around the fake beach set.

  6. Great choice CB. I remember just knowing Peggy Sue and going out and getting a greatest hits album by him and being blown away by the talent. Love that Bo Didley beat. Have you ever heard Springsteen do this live- goes right into Shes the One classic. I heard it on a live album can’t remember if it was a bootleg or legit one

    • First time I saw Springsteen he laid down that intro like you said. He’s a Buddy guy for sure. And a Bo guy also. Like I said a bunch of people I like did covers of Holly’s tunes. Greg Kihn did a great version ‘Loves Made a Fool Of You’

  7. First listened to him after hearing the Stones version way, after it had come out on some ragged Allen Klein Royalty Stones compilation. I’d heard him on the radio etc, but I ListeneD to Holly after hearing their version. A great ear for a catchy melody, clear sharp pop simplicity. Pure genius.

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