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2021 Song Draft- Round 2 Pick 12: Hanspostcard Selects- ‘Waterloo Sunset’ – The Kinks.

Rock critic Robert Christgau has called it ‘the most beautiful song in the English language’, Pete Townshend of The Who has called it ‘divine’ and ‘a masterpiece’, rock critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine has called it ‘possibly the most beautiful song of the rock and roll era.’ Rolling Stone Magazine in their 500 Greatest Songs Ever list has it at #42 which is far too low! I also know that this is a song that both Mrs. Postcard and I agree on. If we made our Top 10 songs list- most likely ‘Waterloo Sunset’ would be the only song to make both of our lists. I remember one time in a long car trip we played this song ten times in a row.

Ray Davies the front man and main songwriter for The Kinks- is one of my favorite songwriters- and perhaps the greatest at writing songs from his observations. This song was inspired by watching two lovers passing over a bridge. the two who inspired this song were actors Terence Stamp and Julie Christie- supposedly- Davies denies that- and says it was inspired by his sister going off with her boyfriend and emigrating to another country. Either way who cares what inspired it- it was a great inspiration he had- made into a wonderful song. Davies has said that the song was originally called ‘Liverpool Sunset’ -that Liverpool is his favorite city and that The Kinks always got the best response in concerts from the Liverpool audiences. Ray Davies performed ‘Waterlou Sunset’ at the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics.

As a single back in 1967 it reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart.


  1. a very fine song from an excellent songwriter. Ray really was a rarity in being able to put out both great easy-listening pop tunes and good real rockers too.

    • I should have mentioned it in the review- but I always thought it interesting- Ray and Paul McCartney even in their early- to mid 20’s- were very nostalgic for the past.

  2. Like Mike said, I been robbed! I think you know how much I love this song, especially after raving about it after seeing, “Juliet, Naked.” Whomever decided to add that to the movie is a saint and a blessing. Ray Davies writes the kind of songs that stick with you in the best way possible. The Kinks rank right up there with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, U2, REM, and Pearl Jam for me.

    • The Kinks get my vote for most underrated act in rock history- even though they did have great success- it should have been more.

  3. You knew I was going to pick this. CB doesnt do top tens etc. All the singles Im picking for your idea are a few of the many I love. BUT, this cut is an absolute top song for me. Love Daves licks in this.
    “I am in paradise”

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