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A couple nights ago- I had the dream again. Over the past twenty years I have had this dream probably 25-30 times. It isn’t always the exact dream but it’s always pretty close. In the dream I am back in college. At the start of the semester I attended a couple of my classes- just once and somehow forgot about them. Flash forward it is late in the semester- it’s always the fall semester in my dream- and it’s December and I realize that I haven’t gone to these two classes since August. I fell my only way out is to go to the professors of the classes and see if I can somehow make up the work and tests I have missed. I am full of fear- is it too late for me to just drop the classes and not get an F? How will this effect my graduating? I always wake up on my way to the professors offices- and it always takes me at least 30 seconds to realize it was just a dream and I feel relieved. …. I think I know what has inspired this nightmare. Back in college there was an education class I had to take. I think it was called Developmental Education. My roommate had taken the class and told me all i had to do was read the chapters and come in and take the four tests- no need to go to class. That is what I did- and he was correct. Missing class wasn’t held against you and all the grades we had were from the four tests. It was a great savings of time. I only went 5 times- the first class- and then the four tests. I never had another class like that- but I think somehow that experience stayed with me- and causes this nightmare?

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  1. Omg! I have a similar dream. It’s always a history class and a math class and flunking the classes meant I didn’t graduate. It’s interesting that the two classes were from outside of my major. Outside forces affecting my graduation? WHEN I graduated? Definitely-home issues. But, I never flunked a college course-ever.

    • that would be a nightmare- flunking a class that really was just something you ‘had’ to take- and nothing in your major.

  2. I have never had the same dream twice in my entire life. Fascinating.

    Were you very anxious in college? Does the dream show up when you are under stress in your every day life? Have any conversations with others in the dream?

  3. Hans, I will send you an outline that might help you figure it out. I know that these dreams are “messages from home” and until you get the message it’s trying to give you you will continue to have it. It must be an important image for it to keep trying after all of these years.

  4. Is there anything hanging over your head now…not college related that you haven’t done? Something you are missing or regret missing? I’m wondering if that is just transferred to that college image…I have always wanted to know what dreams mean…they have to mean something.

    • Not that I can think of- and this dream has gone on once or twice a year for a couple decades. I am sure it means something though…

  5. I owned and operated a bed & breakfast inn in St. Louis from 1995-2011, and still have nightmares about the business. I dream it’s morning, the guests are coming down to the dining room, and I haven’t even started preparing breakfast, or have no food to cook, or – even worse – I’m still in my underwear and barely awake.

    • Well, it wasn’t worry really, but there was always pressure to come up with something good, and make sure we had enough food on hand. We also kept track of what we served each day, to ensure that we didn’t serve the same thing to returning guests that we’d made for them previously.

    • I can only imagine what that would be like- you’d want everything to be perfect… and a lot more to it than someone from the outside could imagine.

  6. Wow, that’s something, Hans. I’ve also had occasional dreams about school or university where something bad was about to happen, such as realizing I wasn’t prepared at all for a test. But none of the dreams were recurring. Coming out of it and realizing it all was just a dream always was a great relief!

    • I really enjoyed college- but the dream feels so real when its going on.. and I don’t think I have never finished the winter walk I end up taking across campus to see the professors- I always wake up at that point….

    • It’s incredible how real dreams can feel. I still vividly remember the sensation of physical pain during a dream I had as a teenager, in which I got shot. I imagine the pain is ten times worse in reality. Still, it definitely left an impression.

    • some dreams you never seem to forget–even decades old– others I have a hard time remembering in the morning… and some do seem so real its scary.

  7. Wow Hans that’s kind of wild. I’ve never really had a recurring dream but agree with others that your subconscious is perhaps trying to tell you something.

  8. Hey Hans… What do you feel guilty about? I do believe when you figure that out you’ll understand your dream. What didn’t you do that you regret not doing?
    Hope this helps…

    • I don’t know- maybe I feel guilty about not going to that class- except to take the tests- like I cheated the system- and didn’t deserve my grade for not putting in the time? Over the years I have thought about that class that I went to- 5 times in the semester- than most of the other classes I took.

    • If this rings true for you then it’s time to forgive yourself – not that there is really any forgiveness needed, as such. But, the brain (the mind) is an awful task master. It will keep you entrapped if you don’t go through the forgiveness process and be kind to yourself.
      Hope this helps…

  9. This reminds me of a reoccurring nightmare I used to have. My tolerance for high school totally ran out my senior year. I began skipping classes like crazy. I transferred from private to public school where the requirements were a lot looser, but continued skipping classes and barely graduated. For many years I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic because I dreamt that I was back in high school and couldn’t remember my locker combination or class schedule.

    • 👍
      I hated going to high school every day of my senior year.

      By the way, I was obviously very pleased to see the Padres pick up Adam Frazier from the Pirates. The Friars didn’t have a consistent singles hitter/table setter in the lineup and Frazier more than fills that need. The Pads are still one pitcher short of pulling ahead of the Giants and Dodgers.

    • Frazier will be a valuable piece for the Padres- he can play the outfield too. Too be honest I was in favor of the Pirates trading him- not because he isn’t a good little player- but he has one more year on his contract- and the Pirates are building for a few years down the line.. they will be bad again in 2022-in what would have been his final season- and I don’t think he’d be part of their future- I like the Pirates adding to their farm system. You will like Frazier. More valuable to a good team than he was to the Pirates- if that makes any sense.

    • I’m a little disappointed only because Jake Cronenworth was doing so well at 2nd base, but will now have to share the position with Frazier. The Pads didn’t have much of a bench so I can see the Frazier pickup meaning more platooning by the starters at 2nd, 1st, and the outfield.

    • I was always someone who went to class- I rarely missed- maybe I feel guilty about not going and getting away with it….??

  10. I hope you find its meaning and make peace with it. Fall season is transformation, letting go or finish something, and embrace the new??? Only you can figure it out.

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